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Credit Card Number Generator Sample Screens

JF: This page was kindly contributed by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous. The text is his.

"I had seen the tools for generating credit card numbers online, available for download. I though perhaps you might be interested in seeing what these tools look like and how simple to operate these tools are.

I was able to locate one to download very quickly on a *** server. Once I downloading it, generating well-formed credit card numbers was a matter of clicking a few buttons. Here are some screen shots from the application I found.....

PS. This application has a number of other functions, including the ability to determine if a known credit card number is well-formed or not."



This is the splash-screen from the credit card generator application.


This dialog box is accessed via a menu command called "Make New Cards."
By default it will generate 10 Visa card numbers...


... And here are the resulting well-formed Visa card numbers.
(I've obscured some of the digits for obvious reasons.)

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